Will I Need Time Off From Work After CoolSculpting?

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Even with hours on the treadmill and months of eating healthy, you may still find yourself unhappy with your body contours. Losing weight and maintaining the right weight is important for many reasons, both medically and cosmetically. However, stubborn areas of fat on the body may still remain even when you have reached your ideal weight. In situations such as this, the doctors at Rendon Center Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine in Boca Raton, FL may recommend additional treatments to sculpt the body, including our popular Coolsculpting service.

Understanding how Coolsculpting works

Coolsculpting is a revolutionary way for patients to reduce fat in problematic areas without invasive plastic surgeries. Liposuction can leave behind bruising and scarring but is a popular method of removing unwanted fat from specific target areas of the body. It can leave patients with the risk of infection, and also require extensive downtime and recovery. Instead, Coolsculpting freezes away fat from the surface of the skin, penetrating deep below performing a process called cryolipolysis. The fat cells are damaged and then flushed through the patient’s lymphatic system and out of the body. Over time, patients will notice a reduction of fat in the treated area—without surgery!

Do I need to take time off of work and social activities following Coolsculpting treatment?

One of the primary benefits of Coolsculpting treatment is the ability to remove unwanted fat without surgical treatments. This also means that patients do not need to take time off of work, school, or social activities following their procedure. Many patients do not have extra vacation time or sick days available to them to arrange traditional liposuction and other surgical procedures, making Coolsculpting a wonderful alternative! The procedure uses a device that attaches to the problem area and delivers cold energy deep within the skin’s tissues to target fat cells while protecting the skin and healthy tissue.

Ready to achieve the body contours you’ve always wanted?

Avoid plastic surgery and instead ask our team at Rendon Center Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine about the benefits of Coolsculpting treatment. Our facility is located in Boca Raton, FL at 1001 NW 13th Street, Suite #100 and can be reached by phone to book a visit at (561) 750-0544.

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