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What is Juvederm?

Natural signs of aging can cause many people to become self-conscious about their appearance. Juvéderm is a popular dermal filler that is used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles to leave patients with a more youthful looking face. It works by adding fullness and improving tissue volume in the areas of the face where the signs of aging are most predominant. Our doctors have been using Juvéderm for many years with excellent results.

Why is Juvederm used?

Juvéderm is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring polysaccharide, or sugar, that is found in the skin and joints. The solution has a gel consistency and it is injected into areas of the face that are affected by lines and wrinkles. Often called a “liquid facelift,” it is a great alternative to expensive and invasive plastic surgery, which can require days, or even weeks of recovery, as well as the risk of scarring and infection. For patients who have a desire to look younger, it's effective at filling in lines and wrinkles and can be used to add volume to the cheeks and lips.

What does treatment involve?

The procedure is easy, quick, and provides immediate results. After the initial consultation, patients will be given pre-treatment instructions. It is recommended that patients who are on an aspirin or ibuprofen regimen, or any blood-thinning medications, eliminate this a week prior to your procedure if possible, to reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising. Please consult your primary care physician before stopping any medications.

What Happens Before Juvederm Treatment?

Patients will have all make-up and cosmetics removed prior to treatment. Our doctors will evaluate the treatment area to determine the appropriate injection points and a topical anesthetic will be applied. Our doctors will place a fine needle in the treatment area and slowly inject the filler while gently removing the needle from the skin. This technique ensures a smooth and natural looking delivery of the filler. Patients may feel some slight discomfort or stinging during the injection, but this will go away quickly.

What Can I Expect After Getting Juvederm Fillers?

After the procedure, some people may experience slight redness, tenderness, or mild bruising near the injection points, but this will resolve quickly. Juvéderm treatment results can last anywhere from nine months to a year.

If you are looking for a quick and natural looking way to restore youth to your face, Rendon Center provides our patients with the most effective dermal filler treatments. Our combination of innovative technology and experience translates to superior, quality care.

What Are the Benefits of Using Juvederm?

Juvederm provides direct benefits to your skin. The injection of hyaluronic acid helps to reduce lines and wrinkles visible in the skin. There are other fillers and techniques that can produce similar results. There are many benefits to having Juvederm. It is a non-surgical procedure, meaning it causes less downtime and discomfort relative to procedures like a facelift. It’s a low-risk way to rejuvenate skin. Juvederm is based on a naturally occurring chemical in your skin

What Are the Risks?

Similar to many cosmetic procedures, Juvederm does have a few risks. With Juvederm, the biggest risks involve a reaction in your skin. You might see bruising, swelling, lumps, bumps, or discoloration shortly after the procedure. These usually fade in a few days.

More serious but less common side effects include infection and intravascular injection. If a Juvederm injection hits a blood vessel, it can disrupt blood flow through that vessel. While this is rarely serious, it can complicate the procedure.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Treatment Session?

Most people recover fully from a Juvederm injection in a few days to a few weeks. Most of that recovery relates to any bruising, swelling, or discoloration caused by the injections themselves.

Even when these side effects occur, most people can be active and live normally on the very same day they receive their treatment. Your provider might warn you against strenuous activity and excessive sun exposure for the first 24 hours after treatment.

How Many Sessions Do I Need to See Results?

One of the most compelling aspects of Juvederm is how fast it works. Most people see results after a single session. On top of that, the results usually last anywhere from six months to two years.

Eventually, your body will reabsorb the hyaluronic acid, and the results will start to fade. On average, patients schedule procedures every six months to stay ahead of this. But, that schedule varies from one person to the next, and you can expect to see results within two weeks of your first session.

Can You Combine Juvederm With Other Treatments?

You can safely combine Juvederm with a number of other treatments. In plenty of cases, your provider can apply Juvederm along with other fillers in a single session. Keep in mind that the fillers are never mixed. Instead, specific fillers might be chosen for better results in different areas.

Juvederm also safely combines with alternative treatments like laser cosmetics. You can discuss options with your provider to get the most flexibility in how you approach treatments.

How Much Does Juvederm Cost?

The cost of a Juvederm session varies depending on a number of factors. The amount of medication used, the duration of the session, the number of areas targeted, and the specific areas in question all impact the final price.

The price of Juvederm depends on your location and your provider. With special promotions, those numbers can drop considerably. You can work with your provider to explore specials and opportunities to keep costs down and effectiveness high.

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