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As we get older, our body naturally begins to display the signs of aging. While there is no way to avoid the physical effects of the aging process, there are ways you can minimize their impact and find a renewed sense of confidence in the process. At Rendon Center, one of our primary goals is helping our patients look and feel great. We take our time during the consultation process, working with our patients to understand the cause of their concerns and developing a treatment plan to address them. Laser treatments such as IPL are one of the most effective ways we can help improve the skin’s appearance and address the signs of aging.

How does the skin age?

Before we discuss how to treat aging skin, we must first understand the way skin ages. A great deal of the aging process is dictated by genetics and environmental factors. As we get older, everyone will experience thinning of the skin, which is caused by a decline in the production of elastin and collagen. These two components are vital to youthful, hydrated skin. As the years pass by, the skin becomes less flexible and starts to sag. Lines and wrinkles that used to disappear soon become permanent fixtures on the face.

While the genetic aging of the skin is unavoidable, there are many aspects of extrinsic aging that can be controlled. Excessive sun exposure can lead to photoaging, which accelerates the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Similarly, smoking can constrict the blood vessels on the face, reducing blood supply and leading to changes in the collagen and elastic fibers.

Making healthy lifestyle choices can certainly help deter extrinsic aging, but there is also help in the form of IPL laser treatment.

IPL treatments involve the use of multiple wavelengths of pulsed light targeted at specific areas. The light is absorbed by specific cells, which results in damage or fragmentation. The body then absorbs the damaged cells, making them less visible.IPL can help replenish collagen and elastin, even out skin tone, reduce large pores, minimize sunspots and leave skin looking visibly more radiant. Helping patients feel better in their own skin is one of our greatest passions. To learn more about how laser treatments can help you, call our office today.

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