FDA Approved Permanent Makeup Boca Raton

Are you tired of the hassle of putting on makeup every morning? If so, permanent makeup may be the solution for you. Residents of Boca Raton have been turning to the Rendon Center for FDA approved permanent makeup to help these busy women take control of their time.

Permanent makeup is effective at enhancing eyebrows, giving definition to the lip line, making the eyes appear more dramatic, and lashes look fuller. Our world-renowned cosmetic artist Melany Whitney is known for her ability to create beautiful and natural looks with permanent makeup. It can also be used to minimize visible scars and improve the appearance of the nipple after a breast reconstruction.

During your initial consultation, you will work with our team to select your desired shade of makeup and to determine the size and shape of the areas of your skin that you will have pigmented.

The application of the permanent makeup is done by a fine, hollow needle that releases the color. Permanent makeup is different from traditional tattooing. With permanent makeup, the pigment is applied to the dermal or second layer of skin, beneath the epidermis. The application can take anywhere from one to two and a half hours and you may feel a slight stinging during the procedure. Patients may experience swelling and redness. You can use a cold compress to relieve the swelling and antibiotic ointments may be recommended to prevent infection.

Initially, after treatment, the color will appear dark, shiny, and somewhat unnatural for the first few days. In the weeks following, the pigment will smooth to its final, natural-looking color. A follow-up visit may be necessary four to six weeks after the initial application to perfect lines or colors.

Permanent makeup is ideal for patients who are allergic to conventional makeup, unable to apply makeup due to a medical condition, have sparse eyebrows or lashes, wear contact lenses, or want the convenience of saving time and always looking their best.

Permanent makeup can help you save valuable time and improve your appearance. To find out more about FDA approved permanent makeup and the other aesthetic services offered at the Rendon Center, call us today to schedule your consultation appointment.

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