Hyperhidrosis Treatments

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If you have struggled for years with hyperhidrosis, more commonly known as excessive sweating, then you know how embarrassing it can be. With the help of a medical professional, many patients with hyperhidrosis can find help in treating this problem to regain confidence. 

What is hyperhidrosis? 

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. It is caused by overactive sweat glands. While some patients might have hyperhidrosis that affects the feet, hands, and head, most will experience hyperhidrosis in the underarm area. Regardless of the use of anti-perspirants available over-the-counter, as well as the actual temperature of the body, sweating may still persist. Patients are often embarrassed by ruining clothes with sweat stains or appearing nervous when they really aren’t. Many patients who have hyperhidrosis are curious as to how to manage their condition. 

How can hyperhidrosis be treated? 

Patients struggling with excessive sweating are often seeking effective ways to manage the condition in the most conservative manner. Of course, patients will want to avoid surgical procedures if they can. This is why our team at Rendon Center Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine work directly with patients to try various conservative treatments before considering more invasive therapies. Choosing the treatment right for a patient might require some trial and error, and patience, but many individuals are excited to address the problem and be sweat-free! 

Below are just a few of the treatment options that might be discussed after a diagnosis: 

  •         Over-the-counter clinical-strength anti-perspirants
  •         Prescription anti-perspirants
  •         Prescription anti-sweating medications
  •         Antidepressants
  •         Botox injections
  •         Microwave surgery for sweat glands
  •         Sweat nerves surgery (sympathectomy)
  •         Sweat gland removal surgery

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Our professionals are here to assist patients in the community of Boca Raton, FL with solutions for problems such as hyperhidrosis. If you are embarrassed by your condition and are interested in learning more about the ways to address it, connect with our team by calling (561) 750-0544. Our providers can assist with helping patients obtain a proper diagnosis and discuss treatment options available to them to control their sweating and help them in regaining their confidence once again! The office is conveniently located at 1001 NW 13th Street, Suite #100.    

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