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Skin Cancer Treatment Boca Raton

Skin cancer can be an extremely scary diagnosis. However, thanks to early detection, many Boca Raton area patients who receive a diagnosis of skin cancer can enjoy skin cancer treatment to help remove the areas of cancerous skin cells and maintain their overall health and wellbeing.

With the proper and early diagnosis, patients have a high chance of surviving this condition. However, varieties of skin cancer such as melanoma can spread quickly to other organs of the body and become a serious, life-threatening concern.

Reducing the risk of skin cancer is encouraged. Regular use of sunscreen every day, and the avoidance of strong ultraviolet light during midday and late afternoon is suggested whenever possible. Patients should also be very aware of the moles and lesions on their body, and take note when any of these begin to change in size, shape, or color. Patients can catch these concerns early with regular skin cancer screenings with a trained professional, during which a dermatologist can examine the entire body from head to toe to check for any skin lesions that may require a biopsy for further evaluation.

The appropriate treatment for skin cancer depends on the type. Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are skin lesions that are typically very localized and easily removed through surgical procedures or other methods such as curetting and cauterizing, excision, or targeted low-dose radiation. Melanoma, on the other hand, is the most serious of all skin cancers and patients should seek a more aggressive method of excision. We can discuss with patients the benefits of appropriate treatment and explain how patients can restore their health with early diagnosis and removal. This can help patients who have cancerous skin cells enjoy a wonderful quality of life, even after a cancer diagnosis.

If you have concerns regarding skin tags, moles, or lesions anywhere on your body, you may want to contact us.

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