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Skin Cancer Diagnosis Boca Raton

The team of the Rendon Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine believe that health is of utmost priority for all their patients, new and existing. We provide the most advanced care options for patients who have skin and body concerns such as suspicious moles or lesions. During a routine skin examination, we may find unusual skin tags or moles that may raise suspicion and require a biopsy to check for cancerous skin cells.

Biopsies are relatively routine when it comes to a proper diagnosis of skin cancer. During this examination, a trained pathologist can evaluate the removed tissue to determine if cancerous cells are present. If so, a diagnosis will be made and patients will be educated on how to proceed with their treatment.

Skin cancer screenings are extremely beneficial when it comes to catching and diagnosing skin cancer early enough for effective treatment. Patients should visit their dermatologist at least once a year for a skin cancer screening, more often if they have a family history of skin cancer, have many moles or freckles on their body, or have had skin cancer in the past. If patients notice any skin concerns such as changing moles or wounds that do not heal, they are encouraged to contact us for an examination and skin cancer screening.

Skin cancer diagnosis can be scary, but patients are urged to speak with a professional about their condition and determine how it can be treated effectively. In many cases, skin cancer can be removed with a scalpel, but some instances of cancer may require Mohs Micrographic Surgery. With this procedure, patients see a low reoccurrence rate and they are often cured of the condition because all cancerous cells are removed and confirmed by microscopic examination.

The team at our practice offer a variety of medical and cosmetic dermatology services that benefit new and existing patients. The Rendon Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine can help individuals with proper diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and other concerns with a simple call and appointment.

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