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Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancers. Thankfully, it is easier to spot and diagnose than any other cancer of the body. This is because it has visual indications that make it simple to catch early enough for effective intervention. The Rendon Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery is happy to provide patients with support from beginning to end of their skin cancer journey, while also educating individuals on how to reduce their risks.

Patients are urged to reduce their sun exposure, protect their skin with high SPF sunscreen, and avoid habits such as tanning beds, which can greatly increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

Preventative care also includes skin cancer screenings at our clinic. South Florida area residents should visit at least once a year for an annual full body check. This is a great time to check for any indication of skin cancer developing, and if there are areas of concern, biopsies can be done.

If patients have received a skin cancer diagnosis, the next step is to find the most effective treatment. Most areas of skin cancer can be removed with excision or precise surgeries such as Mohs micrographic surgery. Some patients may benefit from chemotherapy or radiation therapy, which can be performed in-office with cutting-edge technology such as the SRT-100 device for superficial radiotherapy. Patients will be able to discuss with their dermatologist the ways they can bring their body back to health and keep their condition from becoming life-threatening.

The team of professionals at Rendon Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine can assist new and existing patients with their skin cancer concerns. Contact our practice today to schedule your initial consultation appointment and learn about the ways in which you can keep your body healthy and happy! We also offer a wide selection of cosmetic services to help with general dermatology issues and aging skin.

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