Is Rosacea Genetic?

Dermatologists see patients of all ages who are dealing with skin and body concerns. One common condition that is seen by our board-certified dermatologist is rosacea. Rosacea is a condition that impacts men and women by resulting in red, flushed skin. This is due to the swelling of blood vessels that are just beneath the skin. Flushing can be a constant problem or happen in waves, depending on a patient’s specific triggers. Rosacea may flare if patients are experiencing:

• Dramatic temperature changes

• Intense exercise

• Wind and hot weather

• Spicy foods

• Alcohol consumption

• Levels of high humidity

• Stress

• Sun exposure

• Certain skin care products or cosmetics

However, many patients want to know: is rosacea genetic?

There is still a lot of research that needs to be done when it comes to rosacea and other mystifying medical conditions. Some research exists that suggests that rosacea is a genetic condition, or that individuals who have family members who suffer from rosacea may be at a much higher risk of developing the condition. It is also believed that rosacea can be triggered by the immune system in the same way conditions such as psoriasis may lead us to believe.

How is rosacea treated?

Currently, there are no cures for rosacea. However, Dr. Marta Rendon encourages patients to consider treatment options to help manage their red skin and reduce flare-ups. Most patients will find that the use of sunscreen each day can protect the skin and keep the condition from flaring. Additionally, patients can practice avoidance of any triggers that seem to cause their rosacea to become worse. If unavoidable, some patients may consider topical or oral medications in conjunction with laser or light therapies.

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