Everything to Know About Heat Hives (Cholinergic Urticaria)


You just got done with your workout and are headed home for a shower. Except, once again, your skin starts to break out into hives as your body starts to cool down from all the sweat. You can’t help but wonder what in the world is happening to you. Well, there’s a chance you may be suffering from heat hives, also known as Cholinergic Urticaria. So let’s take a deeper look into what heat hives are so you can better understand the condition.

Understanding Heat Hives

Heat hives are when your skin reacts and creates tiny red bumps or raised skin. It can look like many tiny spots or larger raised patches. The patches are red, itchy, swollen, tingly, and warm, lasting for a general maximum of two hours.

What Causes Heat Hives?

Heat hives are caused by an increase in body temperature from some source. This could be from a particularly hot day or just exercise. They can even break out just from being especially nervous or stressed. Unfortunately, it is still debated what exactly is the root cause of this condition. However, there is some evidence that it may be due to the nervous system or an allergic reaction to sweat.

How Is It Treated?

Heat hives can be treated in different ways, but the general approach is to stop the allergic reaction from happening. It can occasionally be a process of trial and error to see what works for each individual. Some common treatments include antihistamines, steroids, histamine 2 receptor blockers, immunosuppressives, beta-blockers, and more.

Seeking Treatment

As mentioned before, heat hives are different for each person and require a dermatologist to formulate a plan for treatment. That’s why it’s important to trust not just one but a team of dermatologists like the Rendon Center Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine has. We understand that heat hives can get in the way of you living your best life. Our staff is experienced in treating hives conditions and will use proven treatment methods to achieve results. So make the first step towards hive-free living and contact the Rendon Center at 561-750-0544 today.

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