Best Practices for Using Makeup on Rosacea Skin

woman with her eyes closed showing inflamed blood vessels on her cheeks.

Patients who visit the Rendon Center Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine to learn more about managing their rosacea may have found that they cannot control the condition on their own. Rosacea often worsens with certain exposures, such as sun exposure, physical exertion, or even eating spicy foods. Many of our patients who are looking for ways to manage their rosacea may also be interested in finding ways to effectively disguise their red skin with makeup. Learning more about this condition and understanding it better can help you take the right steps in treatment and reduction.

How can red skin from rosacea be treated?

There are several ways in which patients can enhance their skin’s appearance and reduce facial redness when diagnosed with rosacea.

Below are just a few recommendations our team may have for treatment:

  • Work with your dermatologist to select the right skincare routine for you. This may include a gentle cleanser, light moisturizer, and/or sunscreen. Be sure to avoid certain irritants, such as harsh soaps or exfoliants, that could further aggravate your skin.
  • Use makeup and other cover-ups judiciously. If you must use makeup or cosmetics with rosacea, be sure to choose products that are non-comedogenic and oil-free so as not to clog your pores. Apply makeup sparingly, and be sure to remove it completely at night before going to bed. You may also find that a combination of products works best, and you should combine makeup with sunscreen to reduce UVA/UVB exposure which can also contribute to unwanted redness.
  • Seek out treatments that can help diminish facial redness. At the Rendon Center Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, we offer a variety of treatments that can help, such as IPL Photofacials and laser therapies.
  • Take care of your overall health. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep to help reduce stress levels. All of these factors can play a role in the severity of rosacea flare-ups.

Learn more about living with rosacea

If you struggle with redness and imperfections caused by your rosacea and are looking for more ways to properly manage and disguise it, call Rendon Center Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine of Boca Raton, FL, today. Call 561-750-0544 to request an appointment at our facility.

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