Your Skin & Safety During Covid

This summer, we’re all trying to find balance between taking precaution and maintaining a sense of normalcy. So we’d like to offer you some tips and reasonable measures that we as dermatologists apply in our professional and daily lives that we feel might be of benefit to you.

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  1. Maintain your distance. Be mindful of who you’re spending your time with, how long and under what environmental conditions(indoors or outdoors). Consider these two senarios and ask which activity you’d rather participate in? Being face to face with another person without wearing a mask in a closed space? Or playing a game of tennis outdoors while wearing masks? Finding balance & being mindful of these details before making contact with others will help you avoid infection.At our practice we’re confident of our treatment and mindful of each patient we come into contact with. We ensure that our waiting rooms and hallways are never crowded. We also limit patient contact by having patients wait in their vehicles for their appointments.
  2. Wear a mask, be protected. We keep enough patient protection equipment on hand to make sure that every staff member is gloved and changing gloves throughout the day. We receive enough masks regularly to ensure that our staff are always wearing a new mask daily. We also have plenty of masks to offer to patients who don’t have one!
  3. Clean surfaces. Be mindful of what you and others are touching! Always clean and sterilize high contact surfaces in your home or objects that another person has come into contact with. Also, do your best to wash your hands immediately afterwards. At our office we’re mindful of everything from the floors, exam rooms, chairs, countertops, instruments, door handles and even pens! We go above and beyond to make sure that everything is sterilized regularly no matter how minimal the contact was with the previous user.
  4. Wash, wash, wash your hands. Wash your hands compulsively, frequently and thoroughly. Even keep hand sanitizer in your purse or car so you’ll always have a way to sanitize your hands readily! At our office, our staff is consistently changing gloves and washing their hands in between patient contact. Additionally, all patients are required to sanitize their hands upon entering the office.
  5. Be thorough and moisturize. When washing your hands, be thorough and wash for at least 20 seconds. When drying your hands, don’t dry all the way. Instead, leave a small amount of water and apply hand-cream/moisturizer afterwards. As a result of the frequent contact with soap, our doctor’s hands would normally become dry. However, as dermatologists we consistently moisturize to make sure that the skin on our hands remains healthy and hydrated.

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