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Skin Screening Florida

Skin cancer is growing. Diagnosis of skin cancers continues to rise, making it a serious concern for dermatologists in sunny Florida. We understand how important it is not only to prevent skin cancer but to receive an early diagnosis and effective treatment to keep it from spreading and becoming a more serious issue. Our team of professionals works hard to encourage patients in their practice to visit at least once a year for an annual skin cancer screening.

A skin cancer screening is an appointment during which a board-certified dermatologist will examine the skin from head to toe. This can take some time for patients who have many skin tags and moles. The appointment is critical in finding areas of concern, performing biopsies, and getting a proper diagnosis before continuing. When patients receive the news that they have cancerous skin cells on their body, they can speak with our team about appropriate removal methods.

Knowing the type of skin cancer is the first step in treatment. Some skin cancers are common and unlikely to spread, such as BCC (Basal Cell Carcinoma) while others are more serious such as melanoma. Patients are welcome to take their appointment time to ask their doctor questions about the type of cancer they are diagnosed with and the treatment options.

Our practice can also educate patients on preventative techniques. Patients who spend a lot of time in the sun need to either reduce sun exposure or wear strong sunblock to keep the UV rays from penetrating the skin. Patients are also advised to stay away from tanning beds, as these can greatly increase the risk of developing skin cancer as well.

We assist patients of all ages with their dermatological care, and patients in Florida are welcome to contact our team to book an appointment for their annual skin cancer screening. Call the Rendon Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine today to make your skin cancer screening appointment and take charge of the health and wellness of your entire body.

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