Skin Cancer Screening Boca Raton

It is important for patients in and around the Boca Raton area to have an annual skin cancer screening. Skin cancer can be caught early, which allows patients the best success in addressing it soon for a full recovery. By scheduling regular visits with us for skin cancer screenings, patients can be proactive about the health and wellness of their entire body.

Skin cancer can be scary, but when patients notice unusual skin tags, growths, moles, or lesions on their body, they are encouraged to seek the assistance of a quality dermatologist.

Skin cancer screenings are full body examinations. Patients should remove any nail polish, as cancer can develop on the nail beds, and patients are encouraged to point out to us any areas of concern such as changes to growths on their body. Any wounds that continually scab over and do not appear to be healing are also a concern and should be addressed and examined. The examination is done from head to toe as the dermatologist closely examines any areas of concern. If there is anything suspicious, a sample may be removed and sent to a lab for further examination with a microscope. This is called a biopsy. If the sample is found to be cancerous, patients will return to the office to discuss treatment options with us.

Treatment options may vary depending on the size and type of cancer. In most cases, excision of the cancerous skin cells can be done with the use of a scalpel. However, some cancerous cells run deeper into the skin and may reoccur. These types may benefit more from a more precise treatment such as Mohs Micrographic Surgery. Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a procedure that removes skin layer by layer, examining for cancerous cells, until all have been removed. This is done for reoccurring cancer, deep cancerous tissues, and for treatment of cancer on very visible areas of the body where aesthetics are a concern.

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