Plastic Surgery

At the Rendon Center, you will not be referred to an outside specialist for surgical procedures. We are proud to offer the services of Dr. Patricia L. Rooney, one of the foremost board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons in our region.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

At the Rendon Center, we offer a full range of the latest non-surgical treatment options for any condition. Advanced laser technology, injectables (dermal fillers, Botox, and Dysport), chemical peels, and microdermabrasion are just a few of the options for shaping and enhancing your appearance. While these procedures are versatile and effective, some issues require surgery for full cosmetic correction.

Today’s cosmetic surgery is performed with precision accuracy, using advanced technology for predictable results. Although there are risks involved with any surgery, cosmetic procedures are routine and completely safe for most patients. Your physician will evaluate your health and review your medical history before recommending any surgical procedure. It is important to be realistic in your expectations. With the artisan skill of Dr. Rooney, nearly any feature can be enhanced, and nearly any flaw can be diminished. However, there are limitations, so be sure you listen closely when your doctor explains what results are achievable. Excellent communication is the key to patient satisfaction.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

A number of circumstances could possibly result in abnormal body structures. These include birth defects, injury, disease, infection, or past medical procedures. Reconstructive surgery is designed to restore the appearance of such defects.

Reconstructive surgery is often recommended following cancer treatment. At the Rendon Center, we offer the most advanced conservative option available for the removal of skin cancer in cosmetically sensitive areas. Known as Mohs Micrographic Surgery, this method can be used to remove tumors from the face, neck, hands, or other visible locations with minimal scarring. If a scar is present, reconstructive surgery is simpler and more successful due to the small scar.

When you trust your skin to the renowned team of professionals at the Rendon Center, you will always receive a superior quality of care, with a constant focus on your health and safety. If you think plastic surgery or dermatological treatment may be right for you, call 561-750-0544 or fill out the form on this page to schedule a consultation today.

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