Mohs Micrographic Surgery Boca Raton

Skin cancer can be a scare for anyone who hears the news that they have it. Any cancer can be intimidating, but skin cancer is quickly identifiable and easily treated. With a proper diagnosis at the Rendon Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, patients can rest easy knowing that the most effective methods are available for proper diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

There are several types of skin cancer, so it is important for patients to have a biopsy done to determine which one they are dealing with. Once confirmed, our team can work with patients to help them determine which treatment is best for them. Many cancerous lesions are easily removed with a scalpel, but cancer can run deeper beneath the skin. Once the main portion is removed, the skin is biopsied to ensure all cancerous cells have been excised and the patient is officially cancer-free.

However, there are times when cancer is aggressive or reoccurring. When this happens, patients may be better suited for a treatment called Mohs Micrographic Surgery. This surgical procedure is meant for more medically significant skin cancer cases. It is also recommended for skin cancers that are in cosmetically concerning areas such as the face, as it tends to leave less scarring and reconstructive needs than traditional methods of removal. We have a Mohs team that performs this particular treatment with the help of a microscope and a trained Mohs surgeon/dermato-pathologist. During the procedure, the skin is removed layer by layer, and each layer is evaluated for cancerous skin cells. Once the skin cancer cells are completely removed, the skin and surrounding area are evaluated and the most cosmetically appropriate reconstruction is performed; this results in very little scarring in comparison to scalpel removal.

We are here to assist patients in and around the Boca Raton area and believes in providing patients with quality care and attention. We understand that Mohs Micrographic Surgery can provide better cosmetic results and a higher cure rate in many patients, so we will choose this course for patients struggling with aggressive and reoccurring cancers.

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