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Skin Cancer Clinic In Deerfield Beach

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) often recommends patients consider regular screenings for cancer. Just as patients regularly screen for colon, cervical, and breast cancer, skin cancer screening should be done as well. The benefit of screening for skin cancer at a dermatological clinic is the ability to catch it early enough for simple removal and a much better cure rate.

Patients in Deerfield Beach and surrounding areas often ask us, why is it important to have regular skin cancer screenings. Patients of all ages should have skin cancer screenings annually, more often if they are at a higher risk for skin cancer, have had it in the past, or have many moles and skin growths which may be of concern. At Rendon Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, we provide skin cancer screenings for early diagnosis and effective treatment.

There are many types of skin cancer and they all present in different ways, so it is important to have us perform screenings to check for anything abnormal on the skin. We know to look for suspicious moles, skin growth, skin tags, wounds, and scars that may exhibit signs of cancer. If it is determined to be a concern, we may remove a small portion and send it to a pathologist for further examination. This biopsy is done to ensure proper diagnosis.

If cancer has been diagnosed, patients must then speak to us about the methods of treatment. The treatment plan chosen may vary depending on the size, severity, and location of the cancerous skin cells. The two most common ways of treating skin cancer are removal with traditional excision and Mohs Micrographic Surgery. We can determine which is most appropriate for patients and give them an idea as to what to expect before, during, and after their procedure.

Regular skin cancer screenings can catch problems early enough for successful removal and recovery. This is why patients should be proactive about their skin and body’s health and wellbeing by scheduling these appointments with us.

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